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Mar 9, 2013 11:05pm EST
their future tea production in light of climate change and getting more involved with fair trade and things like that. there are retailers out thrrks costco is an interest example of a company that does seem to treat their employees significantly better than their competition and they see that as a competitive advantage which kroger in the midwest as well. i think there are good exms. it comes back to training. we've been giving people ideology for 30 years, business leaders went through business school thinking their job was to mechanics mies profits. and we have to retrain. >> a book i'm working on now is about global corporations partnering with ngo's to address vital issues, one on climate energy, healthcare, etc. and i'm researching many companies and ngo's. it's been an amazing journey tsmlor lax was so much foun do this and reading the book which i haven't read for a very long time was really a kick. and one of the things that i'm learning to your question, that is really neat heads of ngo's that run campaigns against companies. and many of you might know this but how they do this. t
Mar 10, 2013 3:25am EDT
community. and the studios were trying to chase down -- because in 1968, a lot of things were changing. they could not be involved in 20 lawsuits at any one time. it is a standard, a guide for parents. it is helpful. i think it does help people. but for me, the question of violence in entertainment is the question of the pervasiveness. if you go back to the bible, or to greek plays, or to shakespeare, some of them are very violent. you see violence for three hours, maybe in one week in those instances. the american academy of psychiatry says the average child sees 200,000 acts of violence by the time he is 18. even if it is only 10% of that, that is still 20,000 acts of violence by the time they are 18. again, if the child is loved and well adjusted, that will make a difference. we interviewed a man from the los angeles sheriff's department who said, look, there are no easy solutions, but it all starts at home. i think there's truth to that. host: let's hear from carl in danville, ky on the republicans line. caller: hello. what i wanted to comment was, i fear that your guest is spottin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2